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Summer is here - at long last

sunnySummer has arrived - rather later than usual - but it officially has started, according to the Portuguese Institute of the Sea and Atmosphere which is predicting endless sunny days of which memories are made.

Maximum temperatures for the forseeable future will range from 22ºC in the north, Viana do Castelo and Porto, to 30ºC in Castelo Branco, Évora, Beja, Setúbal and the Algarve.

The perils of microplastic

plasticatseaWhile there is no doubt about the vast scale of the plastic pollution problem, it is far from clear how places like the Algarve are going to cope with the crisis, writes Len Port.*

Marine plastic pollution, particularly microplastic material, is a serious but as yet not fully understood threat to nature and to human health. If it worsens, it will increasingly threaten the economic well-being of communities across the world such as ours that depend on tourism and fisheries.

Minister hits back over sardine catch ban

sardinesBunchThe Minister of the Sea, Ana Paula Vitorino, said in Portimão that she sees no reason to ban sardine fishing next year.

Vitorino’s position is diametrically opposed to that of ICES, the fisheries advisor to the European Commission, which is pushing for a 100% ban on sardine fishing next season.

SATA airline losses covered by Azores government

SATAThe Regional Government of the Azores has approved a new share issue for its ailing airline, SATA and has spent €27 million on buying up all the new shares to cover 2017 losses.

SATA will issue 5,400,000 new shares in return for the money, "This decision aims to strengthen the company's net worth and provide it with greater economic and financial strength, making it possible to fulfill its purpose of inter-island air transport," came the limp explanation from the regional government.



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