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Three months letting property to tourists yields as much as a year's rent
alThe relative rental income figures are from João Queirós, a researcher and university professor who was heard this morning in Parliament by the Working Group looking at changes to the Alojamento Local, short-term rental laws: three months short-term rental income is more than the money earned from a year's permanent rental.
The development of short-term tourist rentals in the last three years seen an increase in the average price charged per night and has discouraged the rental of properties on a long-term basis.
Portugal's interior - too much land and not enough farmers
alentejoThe Secretary of State for Forestry said today that 52% of the country is at risk of desertification - but he has several ideas to counter this, among them is a Observatory Against Desertification.
"The Observatory to Combat Desertification will allow us to have good information on developments from the physical, economic and social point of view in the most disadvantaged territories," explained Miguel Freitas.
Low wages the norm in Algarve hotels despite higher occupancy and room rates
pestanaThe hotel workers’ trade union warned today about low pay in the sector, saying that about 60% of hotel staff and 80% of catering workers are struggling by on the minimum wage.
A statement from the union, denies assurances from the Association of Hoteliers of Portugal (AHP) and the Portuguese Tourism Confederation (CTP) that staff are earning more.
Missing in 2016: 50,000 old cars - exactly where are they now?
CarCarshBeahRocksEnvironmental organisation, Zero, has been analysing the 2016 data concerning old and scrapped cars and has “serious doubts” as to the whereabouts of 49,772 end-of-life vehicles.
The organisation has asked the Ministry of the Environment and the Tax and Customs Authority for clarification.


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