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European Commission steps into Ryanair row

ryanair13The European Commission has stepped into the Ryanair cancelled flights row and urges the company to respect passengers’ rights.

Ryanair has been inundated with negative and angry comment after it decided to cancel 2,000 flights up to the end of October, blaming variously the need to get its late arrivals figure down and on staff holidays, leaving the company with an insufficient number of pilots to run the company's services.

Government to charge income tax on all expat pensions

6231In a move that epitomises the Portuguese government’s ‘lure them in and tax them later’ attitude to foreign retirees and 'non-habitual residents,' the Finance Minister has confirmed that he is studying how to impose income tax on those foreign pensioners who have moved to Portugal under the advantageous tax rules currently in play.

Mário Centeno confirmed that the Government has been looking, "for a few months," at the introduction of a minimum IRS rate for retirees all in the name of "good tax relation" with other European countries and not, of course, to swell the treasury's coffers.

Convicted murderer gets a further 17 years for raping teenagers

ReiGhobiFrancisco Leitão has been on trial for 542 crimes of the violation of minors between 2009 and 2010 and today was sentenced to 17 years in prison which will run concurrently with the 25 years he already is serving.

Leitão, a scrap metal dealer known as Rei Ghob, posed as a friend to youngsters between 14 and 17-years-old, paid for dinners and drinks and offered them mobile phones while persuading them that he had ‘supernatural powers.’

'Health tax' triggers a 25% drop in consumption of sugar-filled soft drinks

cocacolaPortugal’s taxation of sugary soft drinks has helped trigger a 25% drop in their consumption.

Purchases of sugar-laden drinks fell 25% between February and July 2017, after a new 'health tax' was imposed and the Ministry of Health now plans to apply the tax on a wider range of soft drink products.



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